Tour & Tasting Launch

We believe the best way to learn about beer is to drink it, and based on the amount of beer we’ve drunk, we believe now is the time to impart some knowledge. Come and enjoy the warehouse and the boys!


When I started work at BrewDog I went through 3 days of training before I was allowed to pull a pint, the same as everyone else who works or has worked in one of their bars. At the time the head of training was my mate Ned who has one of the most knowledge filled brains I know of and we went through a crash course in everything beer related. 



Around this time I started training in beer sommelier courses. There are now a few different beer sommelier programs, some of them accredited and some of them overpriced beer tastings with a cheap certificate. The cicerone programme that I went through is internationally respected and used as a benchmark for beer knowledge. 


The skill set you need to be a really good waiter or barman is the same skill set you need for training. Having to build rapport quickly and engage a group of people with different backgrounds and tastes at the same time. It’s super similar. A few of those tasting groups ended up being regular customers which was so fun. It’s pretty rare that you get to guide and support customers through a topic in food and drink. If you start deep diving with most people about how things are made while they’re thirsty it doesn’t end well.


For the tasting sessions we’re hosting at the warehouse all knowledge levels are welcome and all pallets and tastes are welcome. We want to do a really fun beer tasting where the group dictates what they want to talk about from beer style history to fermentation principals. We can go through all of it and we’ll do our best to make it interesting.


When you come down to the brewery we’ll get you a coffee from bad hand coffee roasters, our next door neighbours and then take you on a small tour of the brewery and the warehouse. Come and look at all the kit up close as we show how we make craft beer. When the tour is over Jim and Kara from Green Label Chef are providing fresh cooked plant based meals that we’ll then teach you how to pair with the beer.


The beers are going to be a mix of barefaced recipes and a couple of our favourites from breweries around the world that we’ll pick based on the season and the menu which will change all the time. 5 different beers at about half a pint each organised so your pallet won’t get overwhelmed.


Vouchers for our tastings are available on the web shop or through airbnb experiences if you’re staying in the area. If you want to book large groups let us know.