Fierce Beer x NZ Beer Collective - Down in Splendour

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Name -  Down in Splendour

Style - Pilsner / IPL

Brewery - Fierce Beer + NZ Beer Collective

Country - Scotland

ABV - 5.0%

Size - 330 ml



A colllab between the almighty fierce and the NZ beer collective for an inspirational modern twist on the classic style. New Zealand hops are in our opinion the best in the world and we love this beer!



A beautiful golden clear lager with a large head on pour, a classic lager pour



The original NZ hop - Green Bullet - creates a crisp bitterness, light spice and piney aroma.



The addition of the ultra modern Nectaron® Hop oil brings forward juicy tropical fruit and citrus notes, creating a perfect harmony between old and new. Aotearoa in a beer.


Food Pairing

A hot day and an ice cold beer is enough but if not go BBQ food all day with this one, kebabs went well.

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