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Name -  Dainty

Style - New England Pale Ale

Brewery - Eight Arch

Country - UK

ABV - 4.8%

Size - 440 ml



Returning brewing to Wimborne after almost 80 years. Eight Arch Brewing Co. is named after the eight arches at nearby landmark Julian’s Bridge in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK. Producing hop forward pales & IPAs to dark & roasty stouts. We have won awards in both regional and national SIBA competitions for a variety of styles.



Pours soft hazy and pale, this beer is so inviting in the glass, fluffy white head follows beer to the end.



As its style should be, its kicks masses of ripe tropical fruit characters.



With the use of the house strain yeast, this hop bomb brings smooth stonefruit esters with a silky mouthfeel and soft bitterness.


Food Pairing

Salmon or mackerel on the BBQ, this silky beer cuts through most oily seafood.

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