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Name - Helge GF

Style - GF Pale ale

Brewery - Lervig

Country - Norway

ABV - 5.0%

Size - 330 ml



From Estonia, Pohjala brings you a GLUTEN FREE hazy pale ale brewed with juicy tropical new world hops. Contains less than 20mg of GLUTEN per KG.



Pours thick and hazy with a burst of aromas from the moment it hits your glass, thick white lasting head from start to finish.



Huge hop notes are prominent from the get-go, think stone fruits, pineapple and lemon.



Sweet citrus and deliciously overripe pineapple roll around the tongue before being joined by fresh coconut and a pleasantly sweet and creamy oat mouthfeel, matched with delicate tingling carbonation.


Food Pairing

Sweet chilli Thai dishes go well with the coconut notes with this beer.

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