Our aim at Barefaced is to produce progressive beers that are quite frankly......straight to the point. Using great ingredients we focus on quality, brewing beers we want to drink & hope you do to.


Tom and Nick started Barefaced Brewing from opposite sides of the world. Nick was living in Australia, Tom in Edinburgh and they would often chat about the beers they were drinking or brewing at work. Soon, they started cooking up an idea to move back to their hometown in Dorset and start their own micro-brewery, making beers that represented everything they loved from across the continents.


After a summer brewing in a converted garage, throwing pilot batches of pale ales and porters down the necks of neighbours and friends, they realised that good old-fashioned hard work and perseverance was starting to pay off. People liked their beer; they needed to expand. After a stint in Bournemouth with Bad Hand Coffee we moved to Blandford in 2020.


Our beers are inspired by the stories & experiences of Tom & Nick, friends, family, the guy propping up the bar & anyone within ears range.