Almasty Brewing Co - Papaya and Mango Sour

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Name - Papaya and Mango Sour

Style - Fruited Sour

Brewery  - Almasty Brewing Co

Country- UK

ABV - 7.0%

Size - 440 ml



Almasty took their house sour and conditioned it on an obscene amount of papaya and mango. They then added a touch of secret spice to enhance the luscious piquancy of the fruit.



Bright and vibrant mango colour with a wuickly disipating cream head.



Lightly sour element first hits and buckets of tropical fruit notes follow up.



Juicy fruit flavours take the fore front with enough sourness and funk to tie together this beer in to an interesting sour that is super refreshing and well worth a try.


Food Pairing

Spicy Tacos

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