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Name - Saison ete

Style - Saison

Brewery - Burning sky

Location - UK

ABV - 4.2%

Size - 440ml



This limited seasonal beer has been brewed with fresh elderflowers picked from the hedgerows in the countryside around the brewery. It was then aged on whole gooseberries which, combined with a Saison and wild yeast strains, gives a tart, thirst-quenching taste. Perfect for the summer!



A golden pour with beautiful high carbonation expectant of the style.



Curious spice combinations on the nose merging with the yeasty esters and mild elderflower make for an amazing bouquet.



Big bold flavours of Christmas orange, clove, elderflower and coriander finish with the dry quenching flavour of a terrific saison.


Food Pairing

Saison beers will pair well with a wide variety of foods, mostly comfort food, from roasted poultry to grilled veggies — think farmhouse food. There are some exceptions to Saison beer food pairing, though; the beer’s high carbonation is not compatible with spicy food – bubbles increase the burning sensation.


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