Westmalle - Tripel

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Name - Tripel

Style - Trappist Tripel

Brewery - Westmalle

Country - Belgium

ABV - 9.5%

Size - 330 ml



This Belgian beer is indeed one of the first beers brewed under the name of ”Triple beer” and is the result of a rigorous selection of ingredients composing the recipe. Many hops are involved in order to flavour the whole and give it that bitterness that features this exceptional beer.

Moreover, the yeast used is the same since 1956 and has a great influence on the complexity of the flavours and taste of the Trappist beer.



Pours a lovely light golden colour with good clarity and big Belgian style carbonation.



Aroma is honeyish, flowers, yeast, orange/fruits, some spices with slight backdrop alcohol.



Taste is a nice bouquet of sweet honey malt and sweet fruit flavours, peaches, orange, banana, caramel, spices and a bitter touch in the end that rounds it out perfectly.


Food Pairing

Goes very well with greek dishes surprisingly with honey and clove as additions.


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