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Name - Serpents

Style - Wild Ale with Somerset Cider Apples

Brewery - Yonder

Country - UK

ABV - 6.4%

Size - 375ml



Brewed in collaboration with Somerset cider maker extraordinaire, Martin Berkeley, from Pilton Cider, Serpents is a mixed-fermentation Beer & Cider hybrid pulling aspects from each discipline, to produce a beautifully balanced wild ale with flavours of fresh apple juice. Brewed with a high percentage of apple juice from two varieties of local apple and fermented with Yonder's unique house cultures.



Pours a pale straw yellow with a stronger head than would be normal for this kind of sour. 



Strong cider apple aroma with background notes of pear drops and a biscuity malt character.



A wild sour musty tang and juicy apple tannins. Fresh hay. Full-bodied, bubbly sharp carbonation with an extra dry finish. Lightens slightly at the end. Superbly refreshing apple wild ale.


Food Pairing

Seafood is a good choice, as the cutting power of sours is big enough to stand up to seafood oiliness. Sours also pairs well with tangy goat or funky cheeses.

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