Garage - Into The Long Grass

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Name - Into the long grass

Style - Stout

Brewery - Garage 

Country - Spain

ABV - 5.0%

Size - 440 ml



"Spring is arriving but there is always space for a delightful roasty stout.  Concentrating on getting plenty of dark malt character into this beer yet keeping restraint on any heavy astringency we have built the roast character around dehusked chocolate malt." - Garage



As dark a pour as you can get with a burnt honey flavoured head.



This stout is oozing classic stout notes of dark chocolate, coffee and lots of biscuity goodness.



With a moderate abv, and smooth touch of roast this stout combines big, chewy malt flavour with a refreshing finish with buckets of chocolate and roasted notes for a fully rounded flavour profile.


Food Pairing

American BBQ, sweet desserts and chocolate, as a digestif, heavy dishes

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