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Name - Ocata

Style - IPA

Brewery - Garage

Location - Spain

ABV - 5.4%

Size - 440 ml



Garage Beer Co are an awesome new brewery and bar in the heart of Barcelona. They brew a wide variety using some of the very best in modern brewing techniques and are pioneering the New England beer revolution in Spain.



A near opaque hazy warm orange pours this beer looks beautiful in the glass with great lacing and good carbonation.



The nose is of citrus, green tea and a floral element that have a hint of anise in the background. An unconventional but outstanding bouquet.



Juicy as you like in the New England style which Garage are spreading through pain this beer has fresh fruit in the mango and pineapple tropical beginnings and lowering into notes of pine, grassiness and warm orange like its colour, what a flavour.


Food Pairing

We paid this with a spicier than normal paprikash but spicy dishes of any kind would work well.

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