Gosnells - Citra Sea

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Name - Citra Sea

Style - Mead

Meadery - Gosnells of London

Country - UK

ABV - 4.0%

Size - 330ml



A rich blend of honey, lemon and hops with a tantalising salty finish. It's the favourite one of the head brewer Will, as he likes the complexity and citrus coming from this mix of ingredients.



A clear pour with medium carbonation and naturally a deep golden honey colour.



The nose is a fascinating combination that doesn't rely too heavily on honey but gives in to the complex extra ingredients for a very pleasant bouquet.



The palate offers sweet citrus and honey notes, alongside fresh herbs, bitter hops and a slightly salty edge, a very drinkable 


Food Pairing

Blue cheese, sushi, fish ceviche or chicken wings.


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