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Name - Pecheresse

Style - Peach lambic

Brewery - Lindemans

Location - Belgium

ABV - 2.5%

Size - 355 ml


As the biggest lambic brewer in Belgium, Lindemans offers those new to sour beer an easier way into the style that they have perfected over the years.



pouring with a dark straw-like colour, large head as what you expect from this style of beer but fading quickly leaving you with a thin lacing on top of the beer. 



As this beer is oak barrel-aged, a woody earthy smell comes through first but then a soft flow of peaches follow creating depth and levels to the aroma.



For a low ABV beer, this one packs a punch, aromatic sweetness that offsets the sour base allows the amazing peach flavours the flow, a great style made perfectly by the masters 


Food Pairing

Will go alongside fish and salad dishes.

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