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Name -  Brune-DMG

Style - Alcohol Free Belgian Ale

Brewery - Lowtide Brewing Co

Country - United Kingdom

ABV - 0.5%

Size - 440 ml



Lowtide's take on a traditional Belgian abbey beer. This dark and aromatic ale is reminiscent of European hijinx and times past, sporting both Saaz and Goldings hops with a sweet, fruity aroma. Check out the QR code to listen to the tunes theve got on over at Lowtide Brewing Co Radio.



Brune-DMC pours a dark reddish-brown colour with good clarity and some visible carbonation. We get a large, dense, off-white frothy head arising from the beer along with the best lacing we've seen from a non-alcoholic beer.



Malty caramel sweetness and notes of vanilla and dates, also a slight background of roasted grains and a whiff of coffee bitterness. 


An initial malty sweetness, with caramel, raisin and date notes to it. A bitterness soon ramps up, with some smokiness, cocoa and very slight citrus.


Food Pairing

Pasta dishes, Bolognese or strong cheeses.

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