Magic Rock - Salty Kiss

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Name - Salty Kiss

Style - Gose

Brewery - Magic rock

Location - UK

ABV - 4.1%

Size - 330 ml



Magic rock hailing from Huddersfield UK have been on the front of the charge since the craft beer movement started in the UK. This is their version of a traditional German gose.



Light and golden in colour pours slightly thin but that matches the style of the gose.



Gooseberry straight away as you crack then can, funky citrus and sweet berries follow on the nose with a slight malt note on the back end.



This is a great example on how to balance so many stands out flavours in a Gose beer. Tart and slightly sour but so refreshing, the sea salt brings dryness to it. Super fruity Super good!!


Food Pairing

Goats cheese, Seafood and most salads.

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