Pohjala - Suvila

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Name - Suvila

Style - Session IPA

Brewery - Pohjala

Country - Estonia

ABV - 3.8%

Size - 330 ml



A hazy DDH session IPA all the way from Estonia, Pohjala are creating some of the most exciting beer coming out of Europe.  



Pours hazy but inviting, Thin white head stays around to the end of the glass.



HOPS HOPS HOPS, fresh white peaches and juicy pineapple mingle with fresh citrus zest, filling the room with fragrant new world hop aromas.



Sweet biscuity malts mix with a pillowy soft oat malt body the gets layered with tropical fruits and tinned nectarines, a touch of fresh hoppy bitterness comes in at the end, balancing out the sweetness and making you crave another sip.


Food Pairing

With its low ABV this beer with match most food groups.

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